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Bluff City Life Feature

Bluff City Life Feature

Our sincere thanks to: WMC Action News 5 Bluff City Life Janeen Gordon For the great feature on Dr. Susan Lacy and Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health!

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New Year Less Bleeding

New Year, Less Bleeding (Video)

As we get started in a new decade at Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health, we are looking forward to expanding our services and continuing to offer the best, most innovative treatment options for many common concerns. We have an excellent approach to the evaluation and management of one of the most common gynecologic concerns, which

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Dr. Susan Lacy w/Transgender Patient

Local Memphis Feature (Video)

Thanks to Local Memphis and Brittani Moncrease for the article and video on how Dr. Susan Lacy and Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health are leading the way in modern Transgender Care.

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Dr. Susan Lacy

Daily Memphian Feature

Thanks to Jane Roberts and The Daily Memphian for the article! Stay tuned! Great things to come!

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New Year New Hormones

New Year, New Hormones

I think that all of us stop and take stock at the beginning of a new year, not to mention the beginning of a new decade! At Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health, we are looking forward to introducing exciting new services and continuing to expand and improve for 2020! What is Hormone Optimization?  Hormone optimization

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Why am I so hot and where are my reading glasses?!!!

A consideration of menopause: I hear valid concerns & frustrations about menopause every day. “Why can’t I sleep?” “My kids/spouse/co-workers are driving me crazy!” “I just don’t feel like myself anymore!!!” What does the term menopause even mean? Menopause is the time when menstrual periods stop due to a decline in ovarian estrogen production. Menopause

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Dr. Susan Lacy Office

Here We Go…

Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health is finally up and running. This has been a labor of blood, sweat, many tears and ultimately, of love. As we open, I’m compelled to look back at the journey. My past five years have been filled with transition: Turned 50 Changed marital status Changed homes Changed work situation –

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Taylor Davis, APRN MSN NP-C, Susan Lacy MD FACOG and Annie Mitchell RN MSN

A nurse’s perspective, asking HOW & WHY…

As a nurse, I’m always asking myself how to improve my patients’ experience: I have been fortunate in my nursing career to work in diverse places. My experiences have been made better because of teammates across interdisciplinary fields in the hospital, emergency department, and clinic setting. I quickly learned the value of finding colleagues who

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MORE Gyn Logo LG

Finding a way to provide MORE…

As we embark on the journey to create an amazing practice, I need to reflect on the experiences that have led me to this point. Many of you already know me. I have been your gynecologic physician or your friend or neighbor. Some of you are meeting me for the first time. I think that

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